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Do I Have to Return to Work When I am Still Injured?

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2012 | Work Injury Posted On: October 8th, 2012

Under Iowa law, the employer and their insurance company select your doctor for your injury.  While some of those doctors treat workers well, many will err in the company’s favor.  The company doctor is frequently pressured by the employer, insurance company, and nurse case manager, to return you to work as soon as possible.  This is often before you have had much time to heal or recover.  Certainly, there are cases where a quick return to work is in an injured worker’s best interest.  However, there are many times when returning to work too early will prolong your injury, and cause you greater pain and symptoms.  This situation is very common and very complex.

First, you should try to explain to the company doctor your concerns.  Again, some of them will listen.  If the doctor still wants you to return to work, explain the parts of the job that worry you the most.  Explain that you are worried about working a full-duty schedule.  The doctor will often place you on light duty, and may even reduce your work schedule to two (2) or four (4) hours per day.  This will allow you to try to return to work, with less risk to your health.  If you are experiencing a high level of pain or symptoms, and the company doctor will not listen, contact the experienced attorneys at Wertz Law Firm.