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What If Company Doctor Gives a Very Low Disability / Impairment Rating?

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2012 | Work Injury Posted On: October 8th, 2012

Under Iowa law, the employer and their insurance carrier have the right to select which doctors you will see during the course of care for your work-related injuries. However, if the employer’s chosen physician provides a disability/impairment rating that you believe is too low, you do have a right to obtain a second opinion from another physician. Under Iowa workers’ compensation law, the workers’ compensation insurer also must pay the physician for your right to a second opinion.

The selection of the appropriate physician very much depends on the nature of your injury, the nature of your case, and is a matter that requires a significant amount of analysis to make the right choice. An attorney who is very experienced in workers’ compensation matters can help guide you through this process.

The attorneys at Wertz Law Firm will not take any fee or require any payment from you for their services unless they are able to obtain additional money beyond the disability/impairment rating provided by your doctor.  In other words, you keep all the money that the insurance carrier owes you for their doctor’s rating.  You would only pay the attorneys at Wertz Law Firm if we are able to obtain additional benefits beyond those already received.