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Work Comp and Auto Accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2022 | Work Injury Posted On: October 5th, 2022

Do you travel frequently for work or run errands for your employer? Have you driven to an event that your employer required you to attend? In all of these situations, an auto accident that causes injury is considered a Workers’ Compensation claim. If you have a car accident while doing business for your employer and become injured, you should report it as a Workers’ Compensation injury to your employer.

Work Comp is the Primary Coverage

For on-the-job vehicle accidents that cause injury, Workers’ Compensation is the primary coverage. That means you should report the injury immediately to your employer and proceed with the four steps to take following a work injury.

But what happens if another driver is found at fault for the accident? For example, say you’re driving to see a client, and another driver rear-ends your car or truck. Rear-end collisions usually constitute the fault of the driver who hits you from behind. While it doesn’t matter who is at fault for Workers’ Compensation, auto accidents are a different matter. If the other driver in a work-related crash is found at fault, that driver would be responsible for damages and injuries. Their auto insurance should pay for medical expenses as well as physical damage. If it is possible to recover the cost of medical expenses from the other driver, Workers’ Compensation claims must be paid back.

Driving and Work Comp

Commuting back and forth to work every day is not considered driving on the job. But if you drive as part of your employment, even if it is a simple errand or attending a company-sponsored event, you should be aware that a car accident should be reported to your employer. If you don’t report the accident within 90 days, you may be denied Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Awareness of Work Comp benefits and Iowa Workers’ Compensation laws will help you in case you get injured on the job or have an accident at work. If you have questions about Worker’s Comp, please contact Wertz Law. Our attorneys specialize in Work Comp and are here to help you with getting the benefits you deserve for work injuries.